You Better Shop Around: Price Comparisons

Have you shopped around to ensure you are paying the best price on you or your pup’s prescription medicines? It can make a big difference!

Dog medicines/prescriptions, and sometimes even human prescriptions, are not covered by insurance. If your pup dog has on-going medical challenges that require a prescription – the costs can add up. Using has saved us a pretty penny or two.

Save Money on Dog Prescriptions

Watch this quick video to see how you can save money on dog prescriptions using to shop around.

Our Ashley has dog epilepsy and takes four prescriptions, twice a day. Our total monthly cost for her medicines is $87.08. If we had not shopped around and found the best pricing, we could be paying as high as $231.40. Yikes!


Cost options for Ashley’s epilepsy prescriptions Total for 4 Prescriptions
Lowest cost possible $85.61
We pay (for convenience) $87.08
Highest cost possible $231.40

If you have to give you pets pills, consider the helpful and beneficial products below – plus, watch our “Easy Way to Give Your Dogs a Pill… or Two“:

Easy Way to Give Your Dogs a Pill… or Two… or More!

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Our youngest, Ashley, was diagnosed with epilepsy as a pup. At approximately the age of five we had to start giving her multiple prescriptions to keep the seizures at bay (both grand mal and focal). Check back for our video series on dogs with epilepsy, coming soon.

Pup dogs with health issues can be challenging. Multiple dogs with multiple issues can drive you a bit mad. We have three Basset Hounds who each have their own idiosyncrasies. It’s time to get organized and make this more fun for everyone!

Watch this video for several tips on how easy it is to give your dogs their pills:

Do you or your dogs take prescription medications that are not covered by insurance? If so, check out our You Better Shop Around: Comparisons Video.

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