Welcome to Happy Gods!

Hello and welcome!

We here at Happy Dogs, I mean Happy Gods  : ), strive to live a fun, funny, happy, healthy, easy life.

We built this site and made some videos hoping to share…

  • a few of our favorite, yummy and usually quite easy recipes
  • some tips, tricks and tools for managing multiple pup dogs
  • a bit about our experience with dog epilepsy, and
  • our passion for the beautiful game… Footy aka soccer.

The recipe videos are designed such that you can make them right along with me as you watch them. We also showcase some of the products we love, products that make our lives easier – and include links for you to get your own, too. We are Amazon Affiliates.

We hope hanging out with us a bit will bring a little joy and ease to your world.

Here’s a few silly snaps of our three girls: Nikki, Ashley and Rosie. Shout out of thanks to the TN Belly Rubs Basset Rescue and the amazing, wonderful Janet Winn!